Upper Mississippi River Conservation Committee
The primary activity of the founding Committee was to conduct fishery investigations on the river. Considerable time was also devoted to developing uniform fishing regulations and standard definitions for various commercial fishing gear. Creating a standardized form for commercial fishermen to report their harvest proved to be a formidable task. Convincing fishermen to complete it accurately and return it was a major public relations challenge. Over the years, the UMRCC has focused on coordinating research activities among the state and federal natural research agencies rather than performing its own investigations. The UMRCC has assumed a leadership role on the UMR in fostering communication between the multiple state and federal agencies who manage the river's resources. UMR managers have held annual meetings since 1943 to discuss Mississippi River issues, ongoing research, and UMRCC projects.   

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
The Department of Natural Resources is dedicated to the preservation, protection, effective management, and maintenance of Wisconsin's natural resources. It is responsible for implementing the laws of the state and, where applicable, the laws of the federal government that protect and enhance the natural resources of our state. It is the one agency charged with full responsibility for coordinating the many disciplines and programs necessary to provide a clean environment and a full range of outdoor recreational opportunities for Wisconsin citizens and visitors.

Driftless Area Initiative
The Driftless Area Initiative mission is: “To unite organizations and individuals within the Driftless Area of the Upper Mississippi River Basin for collaborative action to enhance and restore this region’s ecology, economy, and cultural resources in a balanced, integrated fashion.

The Driftless Area Initiative focuses on strengthening productive partnerships in this multi-state region by implementing projects of regional significance in support of natural resource conservation, sustainable rural economic development, and strengthened community identity and vitality.  DAI serves as a catalyst, providing leadership on projects and issues with cross-boundary implications.  DAI promotes inter-disciplinary understanding of issues, and integrated, system-based approaches for achieving goals through existing organizations. We work to build the capacity of partner organizations and individuals through funding acquisition, information sharing and development, and by increasing regional and national visibility and support for Driftless Area resource issues. 

The DAI was formed through a process of public participation involving hundreds of people and organizations focused on natural resource stewardship in the Driftless Area. Participating stakeholders include, but are not limited to, RC&D Council members from 4 states, federal and state agencies, private conservation organizations, and concerned individuals.

The Driftless Area Initiative envisions a vibrant landscape supported by an active network of well informed citizens working to optimize environmental and economic health for present & future generations in the Driftless Area.

Efforts of the Driftless Area Initiative are vital to improving and maintaining the quality of life enjoyed by Driftless Area residents, and the unique landscape enjoyed by visitors.

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service - Upper Mississippi River Refuge
History About the River Refuge:

This 261 mile Refuge was established by an Act of Congress on June 7, 1924, as a refuge and breeding place for migratory birds, fish, wildlife, and plants.

The north end begins at the confluence of the Mississippi and Chippewa rivers near Wabasha, Minnesota and the south end is near Rock Island, Illinois. Just over 240,000 acres of wooded islands, marshes, and backwaters comprise the Refuge. 

It's an anglers paradise, a waterfowl hunters dream, and a bird-watchers' bounty.  Come visit your national wildlife refuge.

Friends of the Upper Mississippi River Refuges
Our friends group, the Friends of the Upper Mississippi River Refuges (FUMRR) supports the Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife and Fish Refuge – a 261 mile river refuge that is a national scenic treasure.

Our focus is refuge-wide advocacy and congressional outreach.

Organizationally we are made up of affiliate members which are the other Friends Groups along the Mississippi River and individual memberships.  Become a Member

The Friends Exchange program gives Refuge Friends Groups members the opportunity to host and visit Refuge Friends Group members throughout the United States. In addition to experiencing other Refuges and making lasting friendships, an exchange provides an opportunity to learn the types of support that another Friends Group is offering another Refuge.

Friends of Pool 9
The Friends of Pool 9 is a community based, grassroots, non-profit organization comprised of individual, family, and business members who share a common mission to conserve the natural and cultural resources within Pool 9 of the Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife and Fish Refuge, and to foster wise use and enjoyment of the Refuge and the Upper Mississippi River.

Our Goals are to: Inform the public about the benefits of Pool 9 and the Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife and Fish Refuge.

Provide opportunities for volunteers to help conserve the natural habitats found within Pool 9, and the wildlife and fish populations that depend upon those habitats.

Support the "Wildlife Comes First" management philosophy of the National Wildlife Refuge System and to help promote the following wildlife dependent recreational opportunities: hunting, fishing, wildlife observation, wildlife interpretation, environmental education and wildlife photography.

Secure funding for projects and activities within Pool 9 of the Upper Miss Refuge.

Inform elected officials, the public, and our members about Refuge issues. 

Town of Wheatland
Vernon County, Wisconsin

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