Section 7: Intergovernmental Cooperation Element
Town of Wheatland
Vernon County, Wisconsin


This element of the Comprehensive Plan is intended to present the town’s recommendations for cooperating with other units of government.  The goal of such cooperation is to facilitate improved public services, savings in public funds, elimination of unnecessary overlapping of services, and fostering relationships for cooperation on future public service needs and opportunities.


The school district’s facilities have been operating at a stable level with a positive relationship with the town government.


1.Adjacent Village and Town Units
There is a positive relationship between the Town of Wheatland and the adjacent towns and the Villages of De Soto and Genoa.  The Town of Sterling contracts with the town of Wheatland for fire protection services.

2.Regional Jurisdictions
The Mississippi River Regional Planning Commission is a regional jurisdiction that has potential relationships with the town.  The town has a positive and constructive relationship with the regional planning commission and has received helpful information and assistance from this organization.

3.County Government
The town has a positive relationship with the Vernon County government.  The town is benefiting from county parcel mapping and from County Highway Department assistance on major road and bridge work in the town.  The town also benefits from being a member of the County Emergency Preparedness Team.  The town and county are working closely to improve communication and education regarding county zoning.

4.State Government
There are many kinds of relationships between state government and the Town of Wheatland.  Relationships related to planning and development is largely in the area of various state standards and licenses for public services.  State solid waste standards apply to the disposal of solid and hazardous waste.  Other standards relate to regulations for ground water and surface water contamination.  The State Department of Transportation applies various standards for the location and improvements of town, County and State Highways in the town that receive state and federal aid.  The State Department of Commerce is charged with implementing the requirements under the Wisconsin Uniform Building Code.  The Department of Commerce regulates standards regarding on-site waste water disposal systems.  The county is responsible and accountable for enforcing the state mandates.  The rules of the State Department of Revenue affect land valuation, assessment and taxation.

5.Federal Government
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service maintain a Comprehensive Conservation Plan covering that part of the western portion of Wheatland Township within the Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife and Fish Refuge.  This Plan was adopted by the Refuge in October 2006.  The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers also has a land Use Allocation Plan covering their Mississippi River lands within the Town of Wheatland.  The United States Coast Guard had jurisdiction over river navigation along the western border of the town.  The Town of Wheatland cooperates with these federal agencies on all necessary planning and resource matters relating to their various jurisdictional areas.


The Town of Wheatland has mutual aid arrangements with the Towns of Freeman and Sterling to serve areas beyond the township.  The Town of Wheatland strives to maintain good communication and cooperation with adjacent towns.  The Town of Wheatland also cooperates with adjacent towns and the Village of De Soto for snow plowing of some roads on town boundaries or the short extensions of town roads into adjacent towns.  The town receives assistance from the County Highway Department for major road maintenance, reconstruction and bridge work on the town road system.


There are no existing or potential conflicts with other units of government known to exist at the time of the preparation of this Comprehensive Plan.  In the event of conflicts, the methods to resolve such conflicts would be sound communication and fact gathering, and the use of professional intermediaries depending on the circumstances.  The alternative dispute resolution services of the Wisconsin Department of Administration would be used if necessary.


1.Goals and Objectives
Maintain positive relationships with other units of government.
Seek and obtain benefits from the programs and assistance available from other units of government such as the sharing or 
combining of facilities and services.
Maintain active and positive communications and cooperation with the Corps of Engineers, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, 
U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, and the WI Dept. of Natural Resources to assure that their policies and programs benefit the 
residents and businesses in the Town of Wheatland.

2.Policies and Programs
Engage in regular and open communication with other units of government and non-governmental organizations for the 
purpose of fostering cooperation and taking advantage of cost savings and efficiency opportunities.
Engage in intergovernmental service sharing as a means of minimizing use of public funds and efficiently using public funds 
and facilities.
Remain knowledgeable about legislative proposals to enable benefits from new assistance and efficiency programs, grant 
programs, and regulatory reform programs.
Maintain regular communication with state, county, town and federal elected officials to communicate problems, needs and 
recommendations related to intergovernmental issues and recommendations.
Work with county officials to maximize the development and delivery of area wide public services where economies of scale 
and use of existing county resources would minimize overall costs and maintain fundamental services.  To this end, the town 
is willing to collaborate with the county unit of government and other local governments to explore, and develop if feasible, 
such area wide efforts.
Coordinate with the Village of De Soto on road issues in the Eagle Crest subdivision and Sletten Road.

Town of Wheatland
Vernon County, Wisconsin
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Town of Wheatland Comprehensive Plan

Section 7: Intergovernmental Cooperation Element