Section 2: Housing Element
Town of Wheatland
Vernon County, Wisconsin
Town of Wheatland
Vernon County, Wisconsin
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1.Preserve farm housing and rural atmosphere

2.Support well-planned and regulated residential development

3.Protect home and property values from incompatible land uses and environmental degradation

4.Prevent blight and nuisance effects associated with residential use

5.Encourage adequate senior housing options


1.Encourage preservation of rural atmosphere and associated agricultural lands, including contract farms.  Identify housing needs.  Encourage programs that support the sustainment of compatible farming operations.

2.Promote safe, decent, and affordable housing by supporting well-planned and regulated residential housing in areas which are physically and environmentally compatible.  Encourage the development of varied housing options.  Compatible mixed uses and neighborhood services in existing and new neighborhoods will enhance diversity and convenience of residential environments.

3.Ensure housing is healthy, safe and sanitary, with water supply and waste disposal that meets government code standards.  Nothing is more basic to our resident’s well-being and safety than protecting the environment we live and work in.  Safeguarding our ground water supply, identifying and replacing failing septic systems, safe and effective solid waste management are critical to sustainment of our community values.  Partner with county and state to identify and seal abandoned wells.

4.Sustainment of property values enhances the town’s reputation as an attractive location where housing investments will be safe and protected.  The value of housing in Wheatland is higher than the county median home value.  On average the town’s housing is newer than that of the county or the state.  A significant number of property owners have expressed concerns over abandoned mobile homes and equipment lowering surrounding property values as well presenting hazards to the environment.  The town has the responsibility by state statute and policy to sustain the town’s quality housing stock for resident’s safety as well as ensuring a viable tax base for the community.

5.Develop policies to provide local control over housing development and apply quality land development standards to ensure the protection of housing values and of the town’s related residential tax base.  The purpose of this policy is to protect and grow the town’s tax base as a means of minimizing local tax burden.

6.Encourage programs that support seniors in maintaining housing, both rental and homeownership.  The senior population will be expanding and we need to find ways to assist the aging population to maintain safe, decent, and affordable housing.


1.Evaluate standards for land use within the town to protect property owners and the community.

2.Partner with appropriate county and state government agencies to ensure reasonable and fair application of regulations.

3.Partner with other government agencies, social services, and citizen volunteers to identify needs and actions necessary to
  help seniors maintain safe, decent, and affordable housing.

4.Encourage the development of short term lodging such as bed and breakfasts, and camping sites to provide more
  opportunities for visitors, tourists and hunting enthusiasts.

5.Encourage development of safe and affordable housing opportunities for seniors.

Town of Wheatland Comprehensive Plan

Section 2: Housing Element