Comprehensive Plan
Town of Wheatland
Vernon County, Wisconsin
Town of Wheatland Town Clerk - DeSoto, WI 54624
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ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS - Thank you to the following people for establishing the first Planning Committee and creating the Town of Wheatland Comprehensive Plan along with input and advice of the residents of the Town of Wheatland.

Wheatland Town Board
Robert Streeter, Chairman
Donald Williams, Supervisor
Nick Bukachek, Supervisor
Daniel Beyerl, Clerk
Tammie Frawley, Treasurer

Wheatland Planning CommitteeWheatland Planning Commission
Steve Casperson, ChairpersonSteve Casperson, Chairperson
Bob Streeter  Bob Hartl
Gary HallPhil Hooker
Bob HartlDan Knapek
Mary Heath   Gerald Torgerson
Doyle Heath  Arlen Wang
Phil Hooker  Robert Streeter, Board Member
Carly Kirschner   Daniel Beyerl, Secretary
Dan Knapek
Vicky Kumlin
Gary Kumlin
Kim Martinson
Kevin Marx
Shari Paulsrud
Mike Paulsrud
Mike Peterson
Gerald Torgerson
Robert Trussoni
Lisa Senior
Arlen Wang

Planning and Design Assistance:
Davy Engineering Co.

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Town of Wheatland Comprehensive Plan

Town of Wheatland
Vernon County, Wisconsin